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The Firm To Represent You In A Contested Divorce

At The Lynch Law Firm, attorney Jeffrey S. Lynch has been assisting Texas families in resolving divorces in a swift and efficient manner for almost five decades. Based out of Dallas, he has a depth of experience that can only be gained after the many years that he has spent advocating on behalf of his clients. The primary focus of his family law practice is on complex high-asset divorce. With his skills, he can unravel complicated marital assets and other financial resources in order to help his clients keep their fair share of their property. He also assists in other divorce-related family matters.

Complex Divorces In Texas Require A Deft Advocate

In an ideal case, you and your spouse would be able to come to an amicable agreement to settle your marriage in a peaceful fashion through an agreed divorce, however, in most situations, there will be significant disagreements as to who keeps the marital home, financial assets and other community property. Attorney Jeffrey S. Lynch assists clients in your position by advocating zealously on your behalf to ensure that your interests are protected and that your goals are pursued.

If your divorce involves assets such as trusts, investment accounts, stock and bond portfolios, prior inheritances or real estate assets, then you should speak with Jeffrey S. Lynch. These cases raise significant issues that increase the complexity of the asset division and require an attorney who is adept at resolving these situations.

Divorce Often Involves Other Issues That Need To Be Resolved

Although divorce may be the primary issue that you need help with, other issues are often intertwined with your case. At The Lynch Law Firm, attorney Jeffrey S. Lynch assists his clients with their divorce-related cases, including child custody disputes when children are at issue in the divorce. He also represents clients during child/spousal support disputes.

Contact A Seasoned Divorce Attorney Today

If you are looking for an experienced and eminently skilled attorney to represent you during your divorce, then The Lynch Law Firm can aid you. Call Jeffrey S. Lynch at 972-954-4340 or contact him by completing his online form and sending him a brief description of your issues.